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2/13/2018 Leech Lake transition

It has been a busy week as we are still finishing up our transition down onto Leech Lake this week. We have two more houses on Upper Red Lake finishing up the last rental today and tomorrow. I have two guys fishing on Upper Red Lake and guys fishing in the Sno Bear out on […]

2/12/2018 Fishing Report

We are finishing our transition this week down to Leech Lake. We had one rental last weekend on Upper Red Lake and three groups down on Leech Lake this last weekend. Upper Red Lake the groups got a few walleyes here and there but it was slow. Down On Leech Lake we set up the […]

1/17/2018 Fishing has been good!

The time sure goes fast when you are on Upper Red Lake (120,000) Acres (48,000) Acres that falls under the Jurisdiction of the State of Minnesota. We have been covering around (20,000) of these acres of frozen hard water with our 5 sleeper wheel houses and the Sno Bear. I would say the Sno bear […]

1/13/2018 Fishing report

We continue to have good fishing especially in the Sno Bear. We have two couples in an ice house, a father with his two boys, 6 guys in a 6 person sleeper, and 4 gals that have their own Ice Castle which we set up for them on a fishing spot that has produced in […]

12/23/2017 Fishing Report

We started off the week a little slower and have moved out 5.5 miles from shore and have houses set up in different depths. One house is in 9 Feet of Water and the others are in 12 – 13 Feet of water. I just had two groups check out today that rented two ice […]