Red Lake 4

I currently have a rental on Red Lake that is reporting Walleye and Perch are being caught. The temps have been making some big swings with up to 30 degrees for a high and this coming sunday we are looking at -30 degrees for a low. I will be doing a 48 hour guided outing on Red Lake and will be providing an hourly report. It will be interesting with the cold temps!

In the Annandale area The report is Crappies and Northern with the occasional walleye are being caught. We are seeing half limits and some full limits being taken home. The customers going home with  fewer fish usually have a bonus walleye in the bucket to make up for the fewer fish cuaght during there outing! Stay tuned for more reports! Red Lake Perch posted below with one happy young gun!

red lake perch

21 inch eye

We have been fishing for 24+ Hours. We got set up on the ice at 10 a.m. on 12/20/13. Fishing has been slow during the day. There are four of us Fishing and we have managed to catch 18 Fish ranging from 12 inches up to 21.5 inches. I will admit we were to tired to stay up and manage the rattle reels last night because we had little sleep leaving to head to red at 2 a.m. We woke up and all our rattle reels where pulled out! So we are prepared for a night bite tonight! 2 over 20 most of them are in the upper teens size wise. We caught one 35.5 inch pike that added alot of excitment yesterday. We did get it on video. The pike tangled a few lines pulled a pole in the hole so there was a little profanity in the video. So i cant upload it! You can see it on my facebook page here!/pages/Chartered-Rentals-Chartered-Ice-Fishing/171530289600461 I apologize for that if you have kids watching it

Rogers opened up the road to Half Tons and single axle wheel houses so we are fishing out of Rogers as of 12/22/12

We just moved from Hillman’s to rogers for our last night. First fish iced off rogers road  first fish was this nice 25 incher.

young ins eye 2

Well to sum up this report we iced 62 Walleye, 2 Northerns and 1 perch!

couple eyes on iceRed lake has been on fire. Guys have been heading out catch 30+ walleyes a day. Red Lake has a front moving  in and getting dumped on with snow in three different rounds. This is going to impact the ice conditions we have. We are hoping the heavy snow will sink the ice and melt the snow on top the ice and re freeze.  We are planning on putting wheel houses out of Rogers Resort around the December 12th.


The Annandale are crappie bite is starting to heat up. The Annandale area is also expecting heavy snowfall. This will also impact our ice conditions. Following the heavy snow we will be seeing temps -20 below zero and this will help the ice hoping the snow pushes the Ice down and water comes on top the ice to freeze solid.


Report provided by Josh Grangroth 320-310-9089