We currently have a rental slot open for Upper Red Lake January 14th – 17th 2014. I will have a new Red Lake Report on 1/12/2014 along with a new Annandale report!

First day Started fishing today in about 15 flow out of rogers 3ish miles out started at 3. Slower bite and smaller fish from two weeks ago. 15 fish so far 5 keepers. Fried 3 for dinner. Only keeping fish that are above 15 inches. No hot lure of choice we have used about everything from plane hooks pink frosty forage minnows every color. Seems like we switch a lure and catch a fish. Hoping to figure out what jig outperform others by 10 a.m. on 1-10. Hoping the warm front turns the bite on! Stay tuned!

We ended up with 32 fish caught in 42 hours. We could have done better if we were mobile in portables and moved around we basically had schools o:f fish coming through every hour. The fish that came through during the day hit our dead sticks And rattle reels. I think I could have put a 100 fish on the ice if I had the portable. If it went for the wind today we would have punched 100 holes and just bounded around. We left at 10 a.m.  most fish were caught between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. good luck this weekend red Lakers. Get on the ice and move around with the warm up! For the picture below we kept 11 walleyes and 2 perch.

21 inch eyes red lake 6

Cold front came in and slowed the bite down. The norherns and bass were still bitting with a few blue gills. The bite should pick up later in the week!