I had some guys come in and fish as the cold front was pushing back in and they Hammered the Crappies! These guys were fishing on Washington for walleyes and the only eyes biting out there were small so we went to one of my favorite crappie holes. Crappies ranged from 9 inches on up to 13 inches.  They had a great time!

Iowa customers

I had a couple guys come up from Iowa fishing for two nights. When they arrived it was -10 degrees. I set there shack up in 13 FOW and they were catching a few crappies and small pike. They wanted to try for Walleye so we moved out to Lake Washington. I fished with the guys for awhile. Lots of Marks not many active fish. One 16 inch eye got nocked off at the ice. I think the customers were not used to cranking up eyes in 8 FOW. The bite on Washington was slow. We have not had stable weather conditons on the 24th we warmed up to 33 degrees. We had about a 50 degree temerature swing. They did catch a 15 inch Crappie posted in picture below.

15 inch crappie Iowa customers 3