I have been busy building our new 2-3 man fish house and should be done with it Wednesday. This house will be rented for $100/2 people $150 for 3 people. We have been making ice although warmer temps this weekend all 8 x 16 rentals will be contingent upon ice conditions and weather! The small houses will be out on the ice this weekend. I currently have one Ice Castle sitting on 13 inches of ice off a weed line and sand bottom. I fished it for a couple hours picked up a 20 inch walleye couple sunfish and one crappie and lots of small pike. I do believe this spot should produce more walleye so we will see what it brings the next 48 hours. The walleye was caught on a Green glow Forage Minnow tipped with a fat head minnow. I had a few misses due the fact I was installing a radio in the fish house. Check back soon for more active fishing reports as we are moving fish houses on the ice! Remember the 2014 Ice Castle Mile lacs is available for Red Lake trips and Hook up and go rentals! Please be safe on the ice on 11/30/2014 I was on Clearwater and was finding consistency in the ice of 7 inches on up to 13 inches and until I got on the north end of Bungalow island and found open water along with 3.5 inches of ice! Lakes are going to vary always check the ice consistently before towing wheel houses out! I use a Ranger or a Small blazer for towing houses out onto early ice!

20 inch eye   Jason WIlliams boy

walleye and sunnies