We have had a warm fall and this has made for some great fall fishing! I have been fishing the Crow River and doing some shore fishing on a few of the lakes in the Annandale area. The water temperature was 45 degrees about 8 degrees warmer than last year around this time. The forecast in the next few days is going to cause the water temperature to drop fast with lows down to 20 degrees. I suspect we will be making ice in two weeks. The walleyes have been in the shallows 2-3 feet at night. Waders have been the ticket using floating raps out on the lake. In the river I have been using 1/16 ounce bright orange greenish jigs with a tiger colored ripple shad. Caught a few limits on the River in the holes 5-6 feet deep around the bends. Caught a few nice northerns also.