The bite is on fire now catching fish around the clock. Limiting out in about a hour. The bite seems to be better at night. We are two miles out and the ice sheet is looking good! Jim with Wippers posted this picture of his limit he caught last night. He said little sleep rattle reels all night long! Book your rental now before we book up 320-310-9089


Upper Red Lake we staked a road out 1.8 Miles and are continuing to move the road out to 4 miles and get into 13-14.5 feet of water. We are finding an average of 12-15 inches of ice. With one spot in a snow drift we found 10 inches and then on bare ice 1.8 miles out we found 17 inches of ice. The 10 inch spot should now be 11 – 12 inches as that spot was found yesterday and we have been making around a inch a day. All ice houses are out and customers are driving out to the ice shacks.   The bite is just starting to ramp up as the water is clearing up and warmer temperatures are on the way. Fish pictured below 22.5 inch walleye that just smoked the green glow demon jig!

first-eye-iced 2nd-eye 1-8-miles shacks-out hot-lure


Wheel houses are going out this weekend on upper red lake. We still have openings for this weekend call to reserve your rental. We are seeing around 10+ inches. In the Meeker and Wright county areas we are finding 3-5 inches of ice depending on the lake. More active fishing reports coming soon.

We set up two 8 x 16 ice house rentals on shore. I am planning on putting them on the ice Friday Ice conditions permitting. Currently we had 5-8.5 inches of ice out about 1/2 mile. I was told my Hillmans access there is a crack about a mile out that was a few feet wide and has a 1/2 inch of ice on it. This should freeze heal up fast with the cold temps. The water is still dirty from when the lake locked up. This is slowing down the bite. I talked to a few guys buying bait and they caught there limits. Other guys not having as much luck. I expect the fishing to pick up as the water clears up. We have openings this weekend for Upper Red Lake. Call today and make your reservation.

Upper Red Lake has around 2-3 inches of ice! We will have sleeper ice houses on shore for sleeping arrangements and portable fishing until we get 12 inches of ice the big shacks will go out. In the Meeker and Wright County areas lakes are locking up. Smaller lakes that have had protection from wind seem to be about 90% locked up with a inch of ice. Lake Washington south of Darwin looked to be mostly locked up with a few open spots. I expect most deeper lakes to start freezing over tonight. Next live fishing reports! Picture below is of Lake Washington Meeker County.

Upper Red Lake is making ice and the temperatures look great. As far as the Annandale area goes Water temperature is at 34 degrees today and lakes will be starting to freeze over this week. Crappies are schooled up I was fishing on 12/3/2016 trying out some of my ice fishing sonars for this season and doing some vertical jigging off the side of the boat and caught about 20 crappies! They are hungry and the bite is on! Our season starts this year on Upper Red Lake walleye fishing for early ice. We are offering sleep in a shack on shore for $30/person per night and portable fish until we get 12 inches of ice the shacks will be moved out and our regular rates kick in. After January 11th, 2017 the ice shacks will migrate back to the Annandale area lakes! At that time Ice shacks will be available for hook and go rentals and set up on our favorite fishing holes in the Annandale area. Reservations are coming in so call and make your 1 night deposit for a sleeper!

We will be on Upper Red Lake December – January 11th, 2017. Get in on that early ice bite for $30/night per person sleeping on shore and head out with your portable ice house. Ice formation is just around the corner! Here are a few pictures from prior years early Ice! Hoping to have walk-able ice by December 2nd 2016.

red-lake-7 couple-eyes-on-ice red-lake-3

On February 3rd, we had the Maple Lake fishing derby rescheduled so I have some openings this weekend. Call to reserve a rental. I also have a special day shacks going for half day for $75. I was checking ice n local lakes in the Annandale area and I am finding 9-15 inches of ice depending on the lakes. I do have all fish houses going out at this time.
Today I was out on Big Stone Lake in Ortonville MN setting up a 3 day rental for Jumbo Perch and Walleye. We had to drill lots of holes to stay on top of them. Picture is a few Jumbo Perch I took home. I checked in with the group at 7:30 and they said the bite was great from 5:30-7:00 caught 28 perch between 3 guys! I am hoping they pick up some walleyes tonight also.

Over the weekend we had customers fishing the Annandale area in our Day houses and Sleeper houses. out of the groups in the Annandale area 3 groups did well catching crappies and blue gills. The other two caught more fish once they rented a Vexilar. The fishing slowed down on Sunday and picked up more towards mid week.
On Sunday we had a hook and go rental return from Upper Red Lake and the customer said they did good as they were fishing with another group of friends. They mentioned catching mostly all walleye.

We are finally moving out the Big Houses Down in the Annandale area! I checked ice on several lakes and found ice for the most part to be between 9-14 inches. In the snow drifts I have found closer to the 9-10 inches. I am driving my 3/4 ton out to the fish house. A report from customers fishing Upper Red Lake the bite has been hot. I have houses set up fishing 15 Feet of water out buy the Reservation Line. Mostly catching walleyes 14 – 20 inches. A few bonus perch mixed in. Sitting on 16-18 inches of ice on Upper Red Lake
The Annandale area this year the typical good crappie bite and blue gills during the day. The pike have been chasing the blue gills and crappies around so flags are flying and tip up action has been great!