We are finally moving out the Big Houses Down in the Annandale area! I checked ice on several lakes and found ice for the most part to be between 9-14 inches. In the snow drifts I have found closer to the 9-10 inches. I am driving my 3/4 ton out to the fish house. A report from customers fishing Upper Red Lake the bite has been hot. I have houses set up fishing 15 Feet of water out buy the Reservation Line. Mostly catching walleyes 14 – 20 inches. A few bonus perch mixed in. Sitting on 16-18 inches of ice on Upper Red Lake
The Annandale area this year the typical good crappie bite and blue gills during the day. The pike have been chasing the blue gills and crappies around so flags are flying and tip up action has been great!

January 11th 2016 Ice and Fishing Report

We are making ice with the cold temps! Red Lake we are finding 12-16 inches. Annandale area 5-7 inches. I will be checking ice over the next few days with more updates. We plan on moving the big wheel houses out in the Annandale area around the January 15th. We currently have a two man sleeper out in the Annandale area and three rentals on Upper Red Lake. The bite on Upper Red Lake has been fantastic. They guys are catching them in this cold front as this report is being typed. -15 and fish still being caught! I pre fished before the last customers checked in and caught over 45 walleyes on this spot we are on within a 24 hour time frame. Call to book your rental today before we book up! The photo is a two man limit from Upper Red Lake.

I was on Upper Red Lake with a few rentals over new years and we had some success once we got out into 12-13 Feet of water. The bite was not as good in 9 feet of water. Ice conditions we found 10-15 inches of ice. In the Annandale area I am finding 4-7 inches of ice depending on what lake. I do have the 2 person sleeper house ready for customers. The fishing in the Annandale area has been excellent! Call to reserve a rental! We have houses ready to go on Red Lake for the next few weeks and then possibly Lake of the woods also. You can also follow the Facebook page