Upper Red Lake is making ice and the temperatures look great. As far as the Annandale area goes Water temperature is at 34 degrees today and lakes will be starting to freeze over this week. Crappies are schooled up I was fishing on 12/3/2016 trying out some of my ice fishing sonars for this season and doing some vertical jigging off the side of the boat and caught about 20 crappies! They are hungry and the bite is on! Our season starts this year on Upper Red Lake walleye fishing for early ice. We are offering sleep in a shack on shore for $30/person per night and portable fish until we get 12 inches of ice the shacks will be moved out and our regular rates kick in. After January 11th, 2017 the ice shacks will migrate back to the Annandale area lakes! At that time Ice shacks will be available for hook and go rentals and set up on our favorite fishing holes in the Annandale area. Reservations are coming in so call and make your 1 night deposit for a sleeper!