While we are waiting for some Ice here are two pictures from recently. One is me catching some small mouth bass with my boy. The other is from when I was up in the Boundary Waters. We got into some 12-14 inch crappies up on the Boundary waters canoe area. The weather was fantastic. We did have a few bear intrusions at camp. We had to scare them off a few different times. The last night they sure where hungry came into camp twice within minutes of chasing them out. Anyways the fishing was fun caught the crappies in 15ft-20ft. The water temperature was in the Mid 60s while in the Boundary Waters. Back in the Annandale area water temperature is hovering around that 60 degree mark. We should be cooling down at least 1-2 degrees a day from here on out.

We will be starting our rental season on Upper Red Lake. Our goal this year is to keep houses in remote locations away from the crowds. We are also exploring some special pricing and offering guided day trips for our customers in the sleeper rental shacks to remote areas of the lake.  I will have some pricing soon on these options.