The last time we checked we had 10 inches of ice a 3.5 miles out with a pressure ridge that looks like its going to form about 2 miles out. The day temps have been warm last night was 16 Degrees. We do not expect to loose any ice with the warmer days. We are on the north East end of Upper Red Lake and plan on guiding this weekend. Next week a cold front is going to blast in and we hope for more ice and no Snow! Friday afternoon I will do my next ice report.

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Over the weekend we had two sleeper houses out. We are on 10 inches of ice and guiding with the Sno Bear. We are going to wait and see how the ice looks on Thursday before putting anymore sleeper houses out. Next Monday and Tuesday we have a cold front pushing in that should make some good ice so hopefully by the end of next week we will be driving on the lake. We are accessing the lake on the NE side of the lake. We went out 3.5 miles checking ice and found one pressure ridge forming out by the old north crib cluster. We will continue to monitor this area or bridge it. The south side of Upper Red Lake has some bad ice and a lot of cracks. We do not fish this area so it should not affect our fishing. The fish seemed to be spread out. The sno bear seemed to put fish on the ice. Every few times we would move and pick up a few more fish. Hot colors Pink and Gold! We look forward to getting you on the ice!

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We took the Sno Bear out today on 9-10 inches of ice started marking spots for ice houses. We went our 1.5 miles from shore into 9 Feet of Water.  We caught 8 walleyes three over 17 inches so one had to be released. We fished for 3 hours. We have sleeping arrangements on shore for guys who want to portable fish or head out with ATVs or Snowmobile. We are planning on putting our single axle wheel houses out on 11/25/2017 Ice permitting. Walleyes are being caught on Green Glow Stop Signs, Pink glow Geminis and the Pink Glow Frosty jigs. The key to fishing tonight was being mobile with the Sno Bear We had to stay on the move and patients was the key. Every other move we picked up a few more fish. Bigger fish seemed to be in shallower water. We are going to check ice farther out on Wednesday. We are marking our trail with our GPS. Please for those of you heading out by foot or ATV please have a GPS and mark your way back so you do not get lost on the lake. There is no snow to mark your trail.

IMG_20171121_130906041 IMG_20171121_154556965 IMG_20171121_221858713 IMG_20171121_160126432_HDR IMG_20171121_150822297


I checked Ice out to a half mile out from shore and found 6-8 inches of ice. Set up on a few fishing spots. Had schools of shiners under me while pre-fishing. Tried to move a few times to get off them . Caught a 12 inch perch and two 16 inch walleyes that I kept. I fished in 8.5 Ft of water caught them on green glow spoon see picture below. The water is clearing up the fishing is picking up as limits are being caught. We will be back out to check ice on Tuesday and hope to take the Sno Bear out fishing. We are still planning on starting our rental and guiding season 11/24/2017.





I took the boat out for one last time on a lake that just had some skim ice on shore to try out my electronics before I head back up to Upper Red Lake. Managed to catch two 13 inch crappies one twelve inch crappie and two walleyes. Sure made a great dinner. I caught them all using plastic baits and jigging spoons. If i would have picked up some fat head minnows and crappie minnows confident I would have caught my limit. Upper Red Lake has 6 inches of Ice. We are getting all out ice house rentals ready. Hoping to start moving ice houses out after thanksgiving and start guided trips in the sno bear. Our weekends are filling up so if you are booking a rental on a weekend please call and reserve in advance. Pictures below are from yesterdays catch.

IMG_20171112_175410586 IMG_20171112_180717141

Upper Red Lake has capped over 4 inches seems to be the average ice thickness. Some resorts are allowing foot traffic starting this weekend. We are waiting until after Thanksgiving to start guiding and doing rentals. The reports are the water is clearer this year so this is a good thing for fishing early ice on Upper Red. We are still offering 50% off on all rental dates prior December 22nd, 2017 our early ice special. Over the weekend  and into next week we should see a few pressure ridges pop up. This year is on track as a repeat of 2014 started on the ice with sleepers the first week in December. As long as we do not get dumped on with snow over the next two weeks we will have some good ice making weather. Below is  picture from 2014 on Upper Red! Picture Below is my buddy Zach with a 4 fish limit!



Fishing reports to come soon. We are hoping to be on the Ice just after Thanksgiving and post some fishing reports! The forecast looks great see below. Currently we have shore ice forming out a couple hundred yards in spots. The lake should be locking up within a week! Reservations are coming in daily. Keep in mind any rentals booked for the dates prior December 22nd I am honoring 50% off on rentals for early ice. This means if you are renting a fish house from December 1st – December 22nd 2017 take 50% off the rates. Call today to reserve 320-310-9089.

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If the forecast stays like this we are going to see some early ice soon and should have houses going out early December. Here is the deal we are planning on having ice houses out on or before December 22nd 2017. If we have ice house rentals out before December 22nd, 2017 and you make a reservation with us you you will receive 50% off that reservation! We have been out as early as the first week of December years past. Now if we cant get the houses out prior December 22nd, 2017 you can use your deposit towards a guided sno bear outing or stay in a sleeper ice house on shore and fish portables. We will provide transportation early ice with sleepers on shore.

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