Over the weekend we had two sleeper houses out. We are on 10 inches of ice and guiding with the Sno Bear. We are going to wait and see how the ice looks on Thursday before putting anymore sleeper houses out. Next Monday and Tuesday we have a cold front pushing in that should make some good ice so hopefully by the end of next week we will be driving on the lake. We are accessing the lake on the NE side of the lake. We went out 3.5 miles checking ice and found one pressure ridge forming out by the old north crib cluster. We will continue to monitor this area or bridge it. The south side of Upper Red Lake has some bad ice and a lot of cracks. We do not fish this area so it should not affect our fishing. The fish seemed to be spread out. The sno bear seemed to put fish on the ice. Every few times we would move and pick up a few more fish. Hot colors Pink and Gold! We look forward to getting you on the ice!

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