We are finding 12-14 inches of ice. We have not been any farther than 2.5 -3 miles out from shore. We have found most active fish have been within that first mile of shore. We did a guided outing in the sno bear fished 6 feet of water on out to 11ft of water about 3.5 miles out from shore. Did not catch any fish out deeper just lots of smaller marks look like perch. Set up by one of the old crappie crib clusters no crappies  still working on finding them.  The guided outing was a great couple to work with. Most fish caught were around that 16-18 inch mark. No perch or crappies all walleyes. We have pulled out all of our houses. We had two rentals in shallower this weekend and two rentals out deeper. The fish are moving out deeper on the east side of the lake. On the North shore we are still finding plenty of fish in the 6 –  7 Feet of water. Pictures below are from this weekend. For our customers reading the reports glow pink and gold gem-n-eye are the go to lure for rattle reels. For jigging JB lures makes a pink and gold glow lure called the weasel. Pick some of them up on your way out. The Sno Bear has been a great addition to our company. We recommend for sleeper ice house rental customers to book a sno bear outing mid day as you will put 2 – 3 times the amount of fish on the ice mid day. We are also adding Garmin Panoptix Into the Sno Bear. This is going to give us a huge advantage when it comes to fishing. Check out the video here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogVMlcYVcPc

We look forward to getting you on the ice!

IMG_20171209_144150280 IMG_20171209_102600473_HDR IMG_20171207_132638438 IMG_20171207_132645369 quick guided outing


Starting off with the ice we are making some good ice the last few days. 10-12 inches of ice. We had a group of 4 guys fishing all week the start of the week fishing was a little slower but picked up. They started fishing in the rain then had a cold front push in and slowed things down. After a day or two fishing picked up. This group of guys had a 60+ fish day. They did have to portable fish to achieve those numbers and move around hole hopping.  They said in the ice house they had a few nights with a good night bite. One customer woke up early in the morning and caught  a  34-36 inch pike. It has been a mix some days we have a better day bite and some days we have a better night bite. What a great group to work with.