Thursday and Friday I started monitoring and checking ice on 5 lakes in the Annandale area. I guided with the Sno bear on Saturday. We had a mixed bag no monster fish but caught a few crappies, Large mouth bass, small mouth bass, sun fish, pike, and 5 walleyes with one keeper 20.5 inch walleye. We can only do what the ice will allow us with ice thickness. Out of the 5 lakes we checked 1 had a small open pocket of water on one of them. I drilled another couple hundred holes over the last few days checking ice. In the areas we fished in the snow drifts I had 7.5 Inches outside the drifts 8-10 inches. Guys need to be careful this year because Ice Thickness varies. The open pockets that are freezing over last have much less ice. We watch for ice variations in color while out checking the lakes. I also watch the lakes freeze over everyday so I know the areas that froze over last. One Lake had 3-4 inches on the last pocket that froze over so we stayed off that side of the lake and fished what we know had been locked up for two weeks. Today we are taking 3 Iraq war Veterans out fishing. We will post another report Monday! This week I do plan on targeting some Perch. One of the lakes I used to fish a few years back has some nice numbers of perch back in it. We also are working on putting together a day trip to Bow String Lake to target Walleyes and Crappies.

Upper Red Lake some of the resorts are allowing 8 x 16 wheel houses to be pulled behind half ton pick up trucks. We do have 8 x 16 wheel houses open for rentals!  The small guide shack is out on the ice and available for rental.

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