It has been a busy week with the Christmas Holiday and all the family gatherings! I had a customer do a hook and go rental up to Upper Red Lake with our Ice Castle before Christmas. This was the first Ice fishing trip this family has ever done and the first time they have ever been ice fishing! I gave them pointers and told them to give West Wind Resort on Upper Red Lake a try and they did. They fished for two nights and three days. The first day they set up in 8 Ft of water. It was dark out so they did not venture out to far and decided they would wait until the morning and go farther out onto the lake. In the morning they woke up and moved the house out about 1.5 miles and fished in the dirty broken ice and caught fish. I am not sure how many fish they caught total but for the first time ever going fishing for this family it sounds like they did pretty good! As far as Ice goes this area of Upper Red Lake is sitting on 15-16 inches of Ice. Pictures below are from the customers who just got back. Special thanks to the Sandoval family for the business. Also one advantage to doing a hook and go rental is you can go to a fishing destination that has favorable Ice, Fishing, and weather conditions.

I have another customer that left this morning to go to Upper Red Lake. I told them to give West Wind a try also! As far as the ice around the Annandale area I have not been checking ice much as I do not think we have gained much ice. Last time I was out I was finding 8-9 inches of ice. I plan on going out Friday to check a few lakes. We do have our 4 hole guide shack open for $100/day and it is on Walleyes.

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Today We had 6 inches of Ice on one of the lakes we guide on. So we took out the Guide shack. I have it set up on a sunken log. We put the camera down and saw three big small mouth bass, a crappie, and I then saw a walleye move in and caught it. This guide shack rents for $100 for the day. Call to reserve your rental.


Well we have had some cold weather this week! Felt good to set the hook ona few walleyes today. I measured 5-6 inches of ice today. I am moving my 4 hole guide shack out on the ice tomorrow and staging it for the weekend. There is about 2-3 inches of snow on the lake. We are getting another inch or two tonight according to the weather machine. I am predicting by the middle of next week we should be around 10-12 inches of ice assuming the snow does not insulate the ice to much. Upper Red Lake is allowing wheel houses out so if anyone wants to rent the Hook and go rental it is ready to go for the weekend.

As far as fishing went today I caught 4 walleyes two keepers a 19 inch and a 17 inch, a 31.5 inch cat fish that was the largest catfish I have every caught while ice fishing was fun getting it through a 7 inch hole, I caught a 19.5 inch small mouth along with a 16.5 inch small mouth, Saw one school of crappies pass by about 3-4 feet off the bottom of the lake. I left my phone at home so couldn’t take pictures of the giant small mouth and the giant cat fish! Anyways the two walleyes pictured below are from this morning! We still have the guide shack open for this weekend. Call to reserve 320-310-9089


Wow it has been awhile since I have posted a report. Looks like we are going to have a long Ice Fishing Season this year. I am going to hold off until after the weekend to check ice as I am going to spend this weekend Bow hunting one last time before I make the big transition into the ice fishing. This Season we are doing things a little different. The last two seasons we guided with the Sno bear. This season we lowered our guided Fishing pricing down to $200 for a half day and $300 for a full day. We will be guiding this season with the following Yamaha Snowmobiles, The 4 hole Guide Shack, and Otter Portables. We have pricing set up for multiple day packages per person also. As far as the Ice Castle Fish Houses at this time I am only taking reservations on our Hook and Go Rental. This House is the one posted in the video. This Ice house is for the family that wants to go to a fishing destination of there choice.

Check back next week for a ice and fishing report!