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12/13/2018 Fishing Report

We are still out on Early Ice. Ice making has slowed down a little. We are on 8-11 inches of ice. Not all lakes are the same thickness.  I have been out with the Sno Bear marking new way points and checking Ice making progress. We have a mild week ahead of us So I […]

12/8/2018 Fishing Report and Ice Report

Thursday and Friday I started monitoring and checking ice on 5 lakes in the Annandale area. I guided with the Sno bear on Saturday. We had a mixed bag no monster fish but caught a few crappies, Large mouth bass, small mouth bass, sun fish, pike, and 5 walleyes with one keeper 20.5 inch walleye. […]

Ice Report and Fishing Report

Over the last few days I have fished Upper Red Lake and down in the Annandale area lakes. Upper Red Lake I was finding 10-12 inches of Ice. There will most likely be resorts letting out trucks and wheel houses by this next weekend with the cold snap this week. While on Upper Red Lake […]

Its going to be a late Ice Out!

Mike and I have been spread out fishing. I have been down in the Annandale area with the sno bear Mike has been hitting Leech and some smaller lakes in the Leech Lake area.  I have been targeting crappies and blue gills mostly just catch and release. Down in the Annandale area I am seeing […]

3/13/2018 Update

I had last weekend off as I was out of state for a wedding we are hitting the ice hard this week. I will be teaming up the last few weeks with Michael Charwood Local Leech Lake Guide and hitting the ice hard. We will be working together as a team guiding for Tullibee, Jumbo […]

2/27/2018 Fishing Report

Now that walleye season is done on Leech Lake we are going to be setting up the sleeper houses in Perch territory! The Sno bear will be shuttling groups out to Tullibee areas, white fish areas, Crappie areas, and blue gill producing areas. We have the option now to take the Sno Bear down some […]

2/13/2018 Leech Lake transition

It has been a busy week as we are still finishing up our transition down onto Leech Lake this week. We have two more houses on Upper Red Lake finishing up the last rental today and tomorrow. I have two guys fishing on Upper Red Lake and guys fishing in the Sno Bear out on […]