This is going to be a short report! Was out before the storm and caught 9 keeper crappies. Had a customer come out to fish Friday night during the storm and only got one walleye! Marking fish under the house just not committing. We do have one group out on Mille Lacs with the hook and go rental. Ill post another report once I hear from them. We have some snow on the lakes. Now its time for trucks and 4 x 4 vehicles to get around. The snowmobile rentals have been out the last few days and the trails are in good conditions. We do have the lake home rental open here and there. The fishing out in front of it has good sun fish, pike, and large mouth bass fishing. I do have a spot not to far from the lake home rental that is known for big walleyes 20+ inchers only a low light hour bite on that spot.

Check back soon for another report. Wednesday we have a guided outing booked so I will probably post a report Tuesday before I head out with the group I will be doing some pre-fishing. Pictures below are from the crappies I got prior the snow storm. 6-12 inches of snow on the lakes.