I took the boat out for one last time on a lake that just had some skim ice on shore to try out my electronics before I head back up to Upper Red Lake. Managed to catch two 13 inch crappies one twelve inch crappie and two walleyes. Sure made a great dinner. I caught them all using plastic baits and jigging spoons. If i would have picked up some fat head minnows and crappie minnows confident I would have caught my limit. Upper Red Lake has 6 inches of Ice. We are getting all out ice house rentals ready. Hoping to start moving ice houses out after thanksgiving and start guided trips in the sno bear. Our weekends are filling up so if you are booking a rental on a weekend please call and reserve in advance. Pictures below are from yesterdays catch.

IMG_20171112_175410586 IMG_20171112_180717141

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