Well we have had some cold weather this week! Felt good to set the hook ona few walleyes today. I measured 5-6 inches of ice today. I am moving my 4 hole guide shack out on the ice tomorrow and staging it for the weekend. There is about 2-3 inches of snow on the lake. We are getting another inch or two tonight according to the weather machine. I am predicting by the middle of next week we should be around 10-12 inches of ice assuming the snow does not insulate the ice to much. Upper Red Lake is allowing wheel houses out so if anyone wants to rent the Hook and go rental it is ready to go for the weekend.

As far as fishing went today I caught 4 walleyes two keepers a 19 inch and a 17 inch, a 31.5 inch cat fish that was the largest catfish I have every caught while ice fishing was fun getting it through a 7 inch hole, I caught a 19.5 inch small mouth along with a 16.5 inch small mouth, Saw one school of crappies pass by about 3-4 feet off the bottom of the lake. I left my phone at home so couldn’t take pictures of the giant small mouth and the giant cat fish! Anyways the two walleyes pictured below are from this morning! We still have the guide shack open for this weekend. Call to reserve 320-310-9089


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