This is our last report for Upper Red Lake we still have a few houses finishing up there rentals this week. The fishing has been good some days are better than others but even the slower days we are still getting fish. Seems anything that glows bright pink has been getting the job done on Upper Red. We have had some cold temps and the fish are still being caught. The pictures below are from this weekend. Upper Red Lake has around 19 inches of ice and a fair amount of snow. Off road travel can be difficult so use plowed spots for your hook and go rentals or tire chains are suggested. Upper Red Lake is supposed to got 4-8 more inches of snow Monday into Tuesday.

Today I got to go out and chase some crappies down in the Annandale area took me about a hour to find some fish and missed the hot bite but managed to  catch a dozen from 8:30-9:30 a.m.   If I would have been set up by 7:30 the numbers would have been closer to that 20-30 fish being caught as we missed prime time! The lures pictured below are what we are using for pan fish tipped with crappie minnows. Was worms and red spikes will work good also. Annandale has a forecast to get a few inches of snow this is needed as we have no snow for banking our houses. We have around 12-13 inches of ice and are making around half an inch a night.

nice-pike stringer-full-of-walleye crappie-bite 3-5-miles crappie-jig tungsten-jigs

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