We are finishing our transition this week down to Leech Lake. We had one rental last weekend on Upper Red Lake and three groups down on Leech Lake this last weekend. Upper Red Lake the groups got a few walleyes here and there but it was slow. Down On Leech Lake we set up the sleeper houses for walleyes and the bite was slow also. Sleeper houses had a mixed bags a walleye or two one house had a tullibee, a few nice perch along with a few pike being caught. One group decided to do a Sno Bear Outing and get some pan fish. So we went out and did some hole hopping. Caught and released some fish also. Pictures below are from the guided sno bear outing. While fishing pan fish we used Tungsten and wax worms.

We started off the week a little slower and have moved out 5.5 miles from shore and have houses set up in different depths. One house is in 9 Feet of Water and the others are in 12 – 13 Feet of water. I just had two groups check out today that rented two ice houses. They had there limit and caught and released a lot of fish to stay under there limit while fishing. We have had a good walleye and perch bite. We are still having more of a day bite. seems the houses will catch 3-4 in the middle of the night. Low light hours we are seeing customers pulling doubles meaning catching 2-3 fish at the same time. This is what its all about two of my rentals this week family outing had two rental shacks! we moved them on the 2nd day onto fresh ice and it was lights out. Pink and white gem-n-eyes have been the go to lure for set lines. Last two days most fish have been caught on set lines. We do have a few houses open over Christmas Eve. We wish our customers a Merry Christmas. Next week will busy. Do not hesitate to call or email us to check for availability. Pictures below are from the group that checked out today.

I set up one of the rental houses on one of my old hot spots. I havnt fished this spot for 2-3 years and I realized How much fun it is to fish! I set up in 11 feet of water. I fished for 2 hours before my customers showed up. I put the camera down and am sitting right on a weed line. On the camera i saw crappies, sun fish, bass, and pike by doing a 360 degree turn with the camera! I had fun for two hours caught 3 crappies kept two 12 inchers, caught 5 sunfish kept one, and had a handfull of small pike and kept one nice eater for the pickling jar! Just got a message from my customers fishing and they are catching crappies! Call and book a rental!

new years day 1

new years day 2