Happy New Year! We have had some crazy weather rain, snow, sleet, and back to snow! The rain took the snow off the lakes so there is little to no snow on the ice in the Annandale area of the state! This is good for Ice Making. I checked the ice and found 8-12 inches […]

It has been a busy week with the Christmas Holiday and all the family gatherings! I had a customer do a hook and go rental up to Upper Red Lake with our Ice Castle before Christmas. This was the first Ice fishing trip this family has ever done and the first time they have ever […]

Today We had 6 inches of Ice on one of the lakes we guide on. So we took out the Guide shack. I have it set up on a sunken log. We put the camera down and saw three big small mouth bass, a crappie, and I then saw a walleye move in and caught […]

Well we have had some cold weather this week! Felt good to set the hook ona few walleyes today. I measured 5-6 inches of ice today. I am moving my 4 hole guide shack out on the ice tomorrow and staging it for the weekend. There is about 2-3 inches of snow on the lake. […]

Wow it has been awhile since I have posted a report. Looks like we are going to have a long Ice Fishing Season this year. I am going to hold off until after the weekend to check ice as I am going to spend this weekend Bow hunting one last time before I make the […]

Well we have the cabin rentals up and running along with the boat rentals. We had a family send us some pictures of some fish. They found some nice crappies, a 34 inch pike and 3 walleyes! They had a great time. Pictures below are from the guest! If you are interested in a cabin […]

We set out to find the Pike and Walleye this past weekend! We had around a foot and a half of snow on the lake so the plow and tire chains came in handy. I think its time for new tire chains as I broke 3 links and had to bolt the links together to […]

Well we sure have had lots of snow this year! The plow truck is getting some hours put on it. In the Annandale area we are seeing around 20 inches of snow on the lake now. Last time I checked was 22 inches of Ice. We might have a few more inches now. We have […]

Wow the last few days the reel feel has been -60 degrees with a low temperature of -30 and I still have people out fishing. Its been a honor to bring out two American Veterans Ice Fishing for a non profit and a group from Oklahoma. Fishing has been on the slower side. The ones […]

We have a group from Texas and Colorado in town for work and they got to experience Ice Fishing for the first time. They have been catching pike, crappies and blue gills and it has been consistent even with the cold weather. I have a repeat customer coming in from Oklahoma on  Monday for a […]