Ice conditions are improving a few days ago we had slush on the lakes from the last snow fall and our area of the state the lakes are firming up out here in the Annandale area. The last spots that froze up we are finding around 8-10 inches of ice. The spots we have been […]

This past week Fishing has been hit or miss. Ice Conditions are improving. We have had groups going to Upper Red Lake, Cass, and Mille Lacs. We have been getting out locally on a few lakes in Meeker and Wright County and finding ice conditions vary from lake to lake. Some lakes have 8-11 some […]

Ice fishing season is among us and the reports are starting to come in! We had a group take a wheel house to Upper Red Lake the last few days out of JRs access for 3 nights! This group traveled all the way from central Illinois putting on around 1300 miles on round trip! The […]

We have been finding 6-7 inches of Ice over the last few days the next few days should add a few inches. Some lakes the wind has been keeping some open pockets of water. We are monitoring these. I am planning on putting out our wheel house on a local lake that should be around […]

Well we have officially kicked off the 2020 Ice Fishing Season. We had our first group go to Upper Red Lake they rented a sleeper Ice Castle and parked it on shore and fished for 3 days over last weekend. They said the fishing for them was a little slower on the south shore. They […]

Seasons are changing water temps are dipping down to 40 degrees! It will only be a few weeks and we will be walking on water again! I was out in the boat this last weekend fishing for a few crappies and caught a few for a fish fry! Crappie bite was out in 16 feet […]

This is going to be a short report! Was out before the storm and caught 9 keeper crappies. Had a customer come out to fish Friday night during the storm and only got one walleye! Marking fish under the house just not committing. We do have one group out on Mille Lacs with the hook […]

Fish are being caught but they are not exactly jumping out of the ice hole over the last few days. Definitely having to work and put some time in to get a few. I always tell customers usually after a few slow days of fishing you can expect the fishing to ramp up over the […]

The last few days sure have been cold and making some ice. Fishing Guide Vinny was out on the ice checking a few spots. He took out his father in law Paco and mother in law Nelly this evening. It’s always fun to see a wife out fish her husband! Nelly caught 9 and Paco […]

It has not been really busy this week. I have had customers out everyday. I had two of my repeat customers out on Saturday in the small 2 bunk house catch a nice eater walleye, throw back walleyes, couple crappies, Some sunfish, pike that snapped the line this is what I was told by my […]