I will be heading out for opener tonight to try pick up a few walleyes! I will post photos Saturday! Lets hope for a spectacular bite! The lake levels are high water temperature the other day was around 52 degrees.

The pan fish bite has been better than ever. Little pressure on the lakes and oxegen levels have increased witht he melting snow. This weekend we will have cold temps. We caught over a 100 fish in a few hours. Between me and my two fishing partners we kept 30! Call today to get on the ice! We are still offering Lake Of The Woods Rentals! Hook up and Go rates $100/night. This is 50% OFF END OF SEASON SPECIAL! CALL TODAY TO GET ON THE ICE 320-310-9089.


We had a group of guys fishing on lake of the woods. We had some cold weather but thanks to the ice castle fish houses and the yetti we stayed plenty warm. On the 28th we lucked out and had no wind and got out on the ice and fished. The sun was shinning and we found a hot spot! We caught some nice jumbo perch with some nice walleye. this group of guys I would say caught around 100 walleye. Alot of throw backs but we still had a enough for a nice fish fry. As the weather warms I expect the fishing to pick up! We are offering trips up to Lake of the Woods for $299/ person includes transportation. Minnimum of 3 people for each trip! Maximum of 8. I should have a new report comming soon!

Pictured below a few fish caught a 27 incher, couple jumbos , and eyes in a bucket!

27 inch eyenice jumbo 2

bucket of eyes and jumbos

We still have a few openings left this year! We are offering transportation and sleeping arrangments in a Ice Castle Fish House. Want to bring your snowmobile and portable we can haul it with! Call today for more information. We just had a customer get back from Lake of the woods and caught over 60 Walleye!

We have had a good crappie bite. I have had customers catching crappies and northern pike in 19 Feet of Water to 26 Feet of Water. The warmer weather we have now has got guys taking advantage of it and getting out of the house a little. Crappies are ranging from 8.5 inches up to 13 inches. We are now booking trips to Lake of the Woods with provided transportation. Call today to book your rental! 320-310-9089

2 nice 12.5 inchers


Over the weekend we had some good fishing. The crappie bite was your typical Morning and Evening low light hour bite. Customers caught crappies that ranged in size 9 inches on up to 13 inches. Customers also caught a few pike along with a nice bass that put up a good fight. The houses were set up in 19 FOW to 26 FOW. We plan on chasing crappies for the next week.


kid with 2 crappiesIMG_20140207_200412_016


I had some guys come in and fish as the cold front was pushing back in and they Hammered the Crappies! These guys were fishing on Washington for walleyes and the only eyes biting out there were small so we went to one of my favorite crappie holes. Crappies ranged from 9 inches on up to 13 inches.  They had a great time!

Iowa customers

I had a couple guys come up from Iowa fishing for two nights. When they arrived it was -10 degrees. I set there shack up in 13 FOW and they were catching a few crappies and small pike. They wanted to try for Walleye so we moved out to Lake Washington. I fished with the guys for awhile. Lots of Marks not many active fish. One 16 inch eye got nocked off at the ice. I think the customers were not used to cranking up eyes in 8 FOW. The bite on Washington was slow. We have not had stable weather conditons on the 24th we warmed up to 33 degrees. We had about a 50 degree temerature swing. They did catch a 15 inch Crappie posted in picture below.

15 inch crappie Iowa customers 3

I had a few customers come in today from Nebraska. I moved two of the Ice Houses out to one of my spots that has been doing well this year! The bite was a little slow. I fished for 2 hours and 3 northern were caught, 2 crappies, 3 sunfish.  It was -10 on the ice but nice and toasty in the Fish House. I expect the crappie bite to be consistent through the night with the warm front coming in. Stay tuned you should get another report soon!



I had a group of guys fish on Red over the weekend they said the bite was slow. They fished 2.5 miles out from Rogers. The weather was nice and the wheel house comes in handy but to get the fish when you have nice weather you need to get out of the house and auger a few dozen holes and hole hop. I noticed the walleye will come through every couple hours. Currently there are plenty of fish to be caught on Red you just have to go mobile this time of the year and get on the ice when we have those 30 degree days. I fished for 24 hours in one of the houses and caught a dozen walleye ranging from 10 inches up to 16 inches.