Upper Red Lake we staked a road out 1.8 Miles and are continuing to move the road out to 4 miles and get into 13-14.5 feet of water. We are finding an average of 12-15 inches of ice. With one spot in a snow drift we found 10 inches and then on bare ice 1.8 miles out we found 17 inches of ice. The 10 inch spot should now be 11 – 12 inches as that spot was found yesterday and we have been making around a inch a day. All ice houses are out and customers are driving out to the ice shacks.   The bite is just starting to ramp up as the water is clearing up and warmer temperatures are on the way. Fish pictured below 22.5 inch walleye that just smoked the green glow demon jig!

first-eye-iced 2nd-eye 1-8-miles shacks-out hot-lure