We took the Sno Bear out today on 9-10 inches of ice started marking spots for ice houses. We went our 1.5 miles from shore into 9 Feet of Water.  We caught 8 walleyes three over 17 inches so one had to be released. We fished for 3 hours. We have sleeping arrangements on shore for guys who want to portable fish or head out with ATVs or Snowmobile. We are planning on putting our single axle wheel houses out on 11/25/2017 Ice permitting. Walleyes are being caught on Green Glow Stop Signs, Pink glow Geminis and the Pink Glow Frosty jigs. The key to fishing tonight was being mobile with the Sno Bear We had to stay on the move and patients was the key. Every other move we picked up a few more fish. Bigger fish seemed to be in shallower water. We are going to check ice farther out on Wednesday. We are marking our trail with our GPS. Please for those of you heading out by foot or ATV please have a GPS and mark your way back so you do not get lost on the lake. There is no snow to mark your trail.

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